Currently The Most Competitive Flat Panel Display

- Jul 19, 2018-

After more than 20 years of research, competition, development, flat panel display has entered the role of the new century as the mainstream of display products, the current competition of the most competitive flat panel display has four varieties:

1, field emission flat panel display (FED);

2, Plasma flat panel display (PDP);

3, organic thin film electroluminescent device (OLED);

4, thin Film transistor LCD flat panel display (TFT-LCD). The principle of field emission flat panel display is similar to CRT,CRT only one to three electron guns, up to six, while the field emission display is the use of electronic gun array (electron emission micro-tip array, such as diamond film Tip cone), the resolution of VGA (640x480x 3 The display needs 921,600 performance uniformity of the electron emission micro-tip, material technology need to break through.

Understand that the United States and France have small-volume small size display production, used for defense Forces, from industrialization, commercialization is still far. The plasma luminescence display is formed by the light-emitting material in the cavity by the plasma discharge in the tiny vacuum discharge cavity, and its disadvantage is that the luminous effect is low and the power consumption is large (only 1.2lm/w, while the lamp uses luminous efficiency up to 80lm/w, 6 watts/square inch display area), But there is a strong competitive advantage in the large screen display field of 102~152cm diagonal. Industry expert analysis, CRT, LCD and digital micro-mirror (DMD) 3 kinds of projection display can compete with the PDP, from the current stage of the big screen TV market, CRT projection television price than PDP, is the PDP's most powerful competitor, but brightness and sharpness than PDP, The pixel and the price of the LCD and DMD projections lack competitive advantage at this stage. Although color PDP in the image quality, display area and capacity, etc. have been significantly improved, but its luminous efficiency, luminous brightness, contrast and can not reach the requirements of intuitive color TV, the most important is that its price can not be accepted by the vast number of household consumers, which to a certain extent, restricted the color PDP market expansion.

At present, mainly in the public media display applications began to become common.

The display scheme of semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) because of the successful development of the GAN Blue light-emitting diode, it has obtained the absolute control of the Super large screen video display market, but this kind of display is only suitable for outdoor large-scale display, in the small and medium screen video display also does not have its market. Experts in the display industry have been expecting organic thin-film electroluminescent materials to provide real-paper-like displays. Organic Thin Film electroluminescence is really light and thin, with a wide view of low power consumption, high response speed (sub subtle) of solid flat panel displays. The cost of large-scale industrial production is very low and the service life of this stage is only thousands of hours.

OLED in the foreseeable future will be first applied as TFT-LCD main competitor, but at this stage is still in the research and development stage. LCD flat panel Display, special TFT-LCD, is the only in brightness, contrast, power consumption, life, volume and weight of comprehensive performance on the overall catch and exceed the CRT display device, its excellent performance, large-scale production characteristics, high degree of automation, low cost of raw materials, the development of a broad space, Will quickly become the mainstream products of the new century, is a bright spot of global economic growth in the 21st century.