Introduction Of TFT LCD Screen

- Jul 19, 2018-

TFT-LCD screen is a thin film transistor LCD screen, that is, "True Color" (TFT).

TFT liquid crystal for each pixel has a semiconductor switch, each pixel can be directly controlled by the point pulse, so each node is relatively independent, and can be continuous control, not only improve the display of the reaction speed, while the precise control of the display level, so TFT LCD color is more real. In many flat panel displays fierce competition, why TFT-LCD can stand out, become a new generation of mainstream display is not accidental, is the development of human science and technology and thinking mode of development. The liquid crystal has avoided the difficult luminescence problem, using the liquid crystal as the fine characteristic of the light valve to decompose the luminous display device into two parts, namely the light source and the control of the light source. As a light source, whether from luminous efficiency, full color, or life expectancy, has made brilliant achievements, but also in the deepening. Since the invention of LCD, backlight has been progressing continuously, from monochrome to color, from thick to thin, from side-mounted fluorescent to flat fluorescent. The latest results in the light source will provide a new backlight for the LCD. With the development of light source technology, there will be newer and better light source to be used for LCD. The rest is the control of the light source, the technology and technology of semiconductor integrated circuit are transplanted, the production technology of thin film transistor (TFT) is successfully developed, the matrix addressing control of liquid crystal light valve is realized, and the combination of light valve and controller of liquid crystal display is solved, so that the advantages of liquid crystal display can be realized.