LCD Technology

- Jul 19, 2018-

Entering the new millennium, as an important component of the information industry-display devices are speeding up the process of its lithography. The world has entered the "Information revolution" era, display technology and display devices in the development of information technology occupies a very important position, television, computers, mobile phones, BP, PDA and other portable equipment, as well as various types of instruments on the screen for People's daily life and work to provide a lot of information. Without a display, there would be no rapid development of information technology today.

Display set of electronic, communication and information processing technology in one, is considered to be the electronics industry in the 20th century microelectronics, computer after another major development opportunities. With the rapid development of science and technology, the display technology is also in a revolution, especially since the 90 's, with the breakthrough of technology and the rapid growth of market demand, the flat display (FPD) technology which is represented by liquid crystal display (LCD) has rapidly risen. According to Stanford, the FPD market is growing at an annual rate of 16.2% per cent, and by 2000 FPD and CRT industries have reached $30 billion trillion, CRT average annual growth of less than 6.3%, far below the Fed's average growth rate, and FPD growth rate continues to increase,

CRT continues to decline, the substitution trend is very clear, it can be said that flat panel display will become the mainstream of 21st century display technology, its industry and market is expanding.