Other Main Features Of TFT LCD Screen

- Jul 19, 2018-

With the early 90 TFT technology mature, color LCD flat panel display rapid development, less than 10 time, TFT-LCD rapid growth as the mainstream display, which with its advantages is inseparable.

The main features are: 

(1) Good use of characteristics: low voltage applications, lower driving voltage, solid use of security and reliability improvement, flat, and lightweight, save a lot of raw materials and use of space; low power consumption, its power consumption is about one-tenth CRT monitors, reflective TFT-LCD even only about 1% of the CRT, Save a lot of energy, TFT-LCD products also have specifications model, size serialization, variety, easy to use, maintenance, update, upgrade easy, long service life and many other characteristics. The display range covers the range of applications from 1 inches to 40 inches and the projected large plane, it is full size display terminal, display quality from the simplest monochrome character graphics to high resolution, high color fidelity, high brightness, high contrast, high response speed of various models of video display

The display way has the direct-viewing type, the projection type, the perspective type, also has the reflection type. 

(2) Good environmental characteristics: no radiation, no flicker, no harm to the health of users.

In particular, the emergence of TFT-LCD electronic books and periodicals will bring human beings into paperless office, paperless printing era, triggering the revolution of human learning, dissemination and recording civilized way. 

(3) wide range of application, from 20 ℃ to +50℃ temperature range can be normal use, through the temperature of the TFT-LCD low-temperature operating temperature can be achieved —80℃.

Not only can be used as mobile terminal display, desktop terminal display, but also can be used as large-screen projection TV, is a good performance of the full size video display terminal. 

(4) high degree of automation of manufacturing technology and good characteristics of large-scale industrialized production.

TFT-LCD Industry technology mature, large-scale production of finished product rate reached more than 90%. 

(5) TFT-LCD is easy to integrate and replace, it is a perfect combination of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuit technology and light source technology, and has great potential for further development.

At present, there are amorphous, polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon TFT-LCD, there will be other materials in the future TFT, both glass substrate and plastic base plate.